"Handcrafted quality pieces with a foundation in traditional manufacturing techniques, built in a modern throw away society".

N.C. AUSTIN produces premium signet rings and wedding bands for the customer who demands a real sense of quality and individuality, and are willing to invest in a piece of heirloom jewellery that will last a lifetime and beyond. The company is run by Nick Austin Clifford, who has a great appreciation for well made products which have a sentimental history. A high quality product can only exist if the materials of which it is made, are of the highest quality, and it is fabricated and built using the precise and meticulously labour intensive ways of honest manufacturing. Honest manufacturing, meaning the enlisted ways of manufacture, are those that are needed to get the finest result, which are undertaken no matter the cost or time, no shortcuts are taken.

An N.C. AUSTIN ring is something collectible, but not consumeristic. They are classic and timeless, exemplified by understated elegance and beauty.

Nick takes great pride in offering products of substance in today's throw away society. He is constantly looking to the past for the foundation of his ideas, during a time when things were made by real people, made with intent, and made to last.

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