The lost art of hand engraving is not lost at N.C. AUSTIN. True hand engraving is a method which has remained unchanged for centuries, and we are proud to offer this bespoke service on any N.C. AUSTIN piece. It is not just an extra add on to your ring purchase, but a piece of art in its own entirety to make your ring a true lifetime companion.

We are very fortunate to have one of Australia's last hand engravers doing our engravings for us on our jewellery. In modern times, hand engraving has been replaced by inferior cost cutting methods such as laser engraving, CAD printed jewellery, and rotary burr engraving (offered at most boot repair shops). We genuinely believe that hand engraving is the only method worthy of your ring. Achieved with an incredible amount of skill, knowledge, and a handful of graving chisels - your initials, monograms, and inscriptions come to life with each hand cut.

*We are currently working on our new style guide to showcase each font we offer, accompanied by a price list, so you can best choose what suits you. Until then, please email for all engraving inquiries.*